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RFC 13
Zero Text Length EOF Message.
V. Cerf. August 1969.

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Network Working Group Vint Cerf Request for Comments: 13 UCLA 20 August 1969 Referring to NWG/RFC: 11, it appears that file transmissions over auxiliary connections will require some mechanism to specify "END-OF- FILE." It is proposed that a length 0 (zero) message be used for this purpose. Figure 1 shows the format: |<---32 bits--->|<---32 bits--->|<----16 bits---->|<------?------>| +---------------+---------------+-----------------+---------------+ | leader | marking | checksum | padding | +---------------+---------------+-----------------+---------------+ Figure 1 Zero Text Length EOF Message [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Michael Brunnbauer 1/97 ] [Page 1]


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